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Join us for APIC's first-ever Virtual Conference - airing a new session each weekday from June 22-July 2 on the device of your choice. We invite you to join us each day at your leisure to learn from the greatest group of minds and innovators in the business - your fellow APIC members. Don't worry if you can't attend each day's session - the videos will remain online as part of the APIC archive.



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The agenda below is subject to change.

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Week 1 – June 22-26
Monday, June 22
Andy Saperstein, Morgan Stanley
Bob Scherer, APIC
A Discussion with Management

Join Bob Scherer as he talks with Andy Saperstein for an update on the state of the firm.

Mandell Crawley, Morgan Stanley
Kara Underwood, Morgan Stanley
Mo Shuler, Moderator
Committing to Diversity and Inclusion

Join Maureen Shuler for an open discussion with Kara Underwood and Mandell Crawley about the firm’s commitment to racial justice. Join us to hear more about how the firm is driving change, and how APIC members can engage, as leaders of the firm, to advance this to continue this progress.

Lisa Shalett, Morgan Stanley
Elisa Mazen,

Managing Director, Head of Global

Growth, Portfolio Manager

ClearBridge Investments
Stephen Kane, CFA, Group Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, TCW
Rich Hazzouri, Moderator
Where Do We Go From Here: Portfolio Construction and Market Insights

Join I-WAIFCFPMorgan Stanley's Chief Investment Officer Lisa Shalett as she talks with two leading asset managers about the COVID crisis and the effects on the market. The discussion will cover how modern asset management techniques played out at the onset of the crisis, and what impact will be felt into the future.



Tuesday, June 23
Jim Tracy, Morgan Stanley
Rich Hazzouri, Moderator
The Inflection Point: Pick Your Lane

Join Rich Hazzouri as he talks with Jim Tracy about late-breaking developments with Consulting Group and Graystone.

Jeff Bush, The Washington Update
Peter Lefkin, Senior Vice President of Government and External Affairs of Allianz of America 
Rich Hazzouri, Moderator
The Washington Update

The I-WAIF2020 election is poised to mark an inflection point in our country's future. The parties offer starkly different views on issues that will define American policy for years to come. The economy is paramount, but many of the country’s most contentious issues will be on the table, including trade, healthcare, taxation, fiscal policy, foreign relations, infrastructure, immigration, individual rights, and others.

Jeff will share his insights on the upcoming election, from the Democratic primaries and nomination through the election of the president, House, and Senate in November. This discussion will provide a unique analysis of the factors likely to influence the result and the related market effects. The presentation also will delve into the market effects of the House impeachment inquiry. Finally, they will analyze and predict the outcomes and consequences of the substantive matters - such as trade - that Congress and the president are likely to undertake in the coming year.

In addition to these insights, their presentation will provide strategies that investors and financial advisors can consider to take advantage of (or protect against) market effects and volatility arising from Washington initiatives and the road to the election, as well as specific strategies for investment, wealth transfer, and retirement planning.



Wednesday, June 24 – Investments in Therapeutics and Vaccines for Life-Threatening Diseases During COVID and Beyond
Melanie Schnoll-Begun, Morgan Stanley
Stephane Bancel, CEO, Moderna
Dr. Joseph Vinetz, Yale Medicine Infectious Diseases Specialist
Matt Slovik, Morgan Stanley
Mike Engel, Moderator

DespiteCFPAIFI-W Congress authorizing $3 billion for coronavirus drug treatments, there is no guarantee that the funds will finance treatments with the most therapeutic potential. How can both philanthropic and private capital help identify the highest potential targets, coordinate efforts, and accelerate drug development to lessen the impact of COVID-19 and other life-threatening diseases? In this session, we will explore how a variety of vehicles (e.g. donor-advised funds, grants, program- and mission-related investments, corporations, charitable LLCs) can facilitate venture capital to support the riskiest, but most critical, global health initiatives.

Thursday, June 25
Patrick Schussman, Managing Director, Head of Advisory Distribution, Aristotle
Tim Skelly, APIC
Mo Shuler, Moderator
Presentation Skills: The Do's and Don'ts of a Winning Presentation

Learn I-WAIFpractical tips for increasing your success rate with pitching your ideas and for approaching and being more effective in your presentations. Practical tips for improving your success rate with pitching your proposals. What works and what does not work, based on case studies and experience. Top 10 do's and don’ts for increasing your success rate in presentation




Scott Thayer, APIC
Tim Skelly, APIC
Mike Engel, Moderator
Foundations & Endowment Consulting - An Advanced Course for Wealth Managers

ThereI-WAIFCFP is a wonderful market opportunity for Wealth Managers to manage and consult to smaller non-profit institutions.  The market under $25 million in assets does not receive experienced advisory services as practiced institutional consultants focus mainly on larger accounts.  Dial in to hear from Scott Thayer, Retired Graystone Institutional Consultant and founding member of APIC, to learn the tools necessary to expand your business and be successful in this wonderful marketplace.

Friday, June 26
Marybeth Emson, APIC
Sue van der Linden, APIC
Adam Warshavsky, APIC
Seth Redlus, Moderator
FA Team Evolution and Lessons Learned in a post-COVID World

The I-WAIFworld has been up-ended in short order by COVID-19 and business will never be done the same way again. This panel consists of the leader of a sole proprietor practice, a senior member of a family practice, and a senior member of a large team to learn how they each approach the problem differently. The discussion will focus around the changes each business has experienced, and predictions for what will stick when the crisis has passed, versus what will go back to the old "normal".

John Nersesian, Head of Advisor Education, PIMCO
Brendan Trudden, Moderator
Behavioral Guidance During Market Volatility

HowCFPAIFI-W has the recent volatility affected you? If you were given new funds today to invest, how would you go about it? What's more important to you-gaining back the value recently lost or protecting the value you have now? How do you define risk, how do you measure it, and how do you manage it? Join John Nersesian as he will discuss how these behavioral finance topics and how investors AND advisors committed various biases that prevented clients from maximizing potential returns.

Week 2 – June 29-July 2
Monday, June 29
Wm. Craig Dobbs, APIC
Marc Brookman, CEO Schroders
Rich Hazzouri, Moderator
Mega Trends in the Asset Management Space

FromI-WAIFCFP Active to Passive and Back again, join us to hear from Marc Brookman, CEO of Schroders North America discuss trends and mega trends in the asset management Space. Marc will be joined by Graystone Managing Director Craig Dobbs to discuss how these trends impact portfolio construction and client discussions.



Tuesday, June 30 – A Look Inside a FA Reinvestment Team
Krystal Barker, Executive Director and Head of Financial Wellness, Morgan Stanley
Matt Jones, Head of Wealth Management Strategy, Morgan Stanley
Steve Strzelecki, APIC
Bruce Burrows, Moderator

You CFPAIFI-Wheard about Reinvestment Teams but what are they? This session will explore how a Corporate Stock Plan Reinvestment Team services clients from an inbound corporate customer service desk and engages the client into on-going relationship. The session will first discuss about how this niche style of business has evolved over time and the speaker will bring us to where we currently are today. The speakers will introduce elements about the Morgan Stanley At-Work Platform such as Financial Wellness and how once may adopt consulting strategies and form new relationships and thus new clients. The speakers will discuss how this platform has recently evolved to better service client needs in terms of broadening the scope of services to a more holistic approach. The speakers will discuss how once a corporate client is engaged and how that translates down to servicing and advising employees of the company in terms of their total financial well-being from their retirement assets and their equity compensation packages. The speaker will close out the session discussing how an advisor on this type of consulting team services the client on a total approach beginning with an equity compensation plan liquidity events to well-rounded advanced financial planning and investment management.

Wednesday, July 1 – Muni Mayhem!
David Hammer, Head of Municipal Bond Portfolio Management, PIMCO
Jason Friedman, APIC
Maureen Shuler, Moderator

IsCFPAIFI-W this a liquidity event or a credit event? Both! What started as a liquidity event in March will become a credit event for some parts of the municipal bond market. What has been the policy response, and why? What will be the long-term impacts on the market, and what is needed on the fiscal side? Welcome Pimco’s long time municipal bond veteran David Hammer as he discusses the broader municipal market and Jason Friedman on client portfolio application.



Thursday, July 2 – Ethics for Consultants Managing Investment Committees in Group Decision Making
Scott Thayer, APIC
Brendan Trudden, Moderator

Scott ThayerI-W ETHICSAIF will explore the many issues in managing investment committees and how ethics plays a strong role in group decision making. Consulting needs to go beyond the basics of compliance and regulations and guide committees with strong ethical leadership. The presentation will focus on practical guidelines to assist consultants in this challenging area where ethics, behavioral finance and good fiduciary leadership all play strong roles in the success of investment committee decision making.