Membership Types
  • Financial Advisors

    Consider a Financial Advisor membership if you are a sole practitioner, or wish to be the only member of your team to have access to APIC.
  • Benefits

  • Full Access to the APIC Website & Member Directory.
  • Invites to APIC Douggie Events
  • Invites to APIConnect Calls
  • Participation on APIC Topical Committees
  • Access to APICRadio
  • Reduced Conference Registration – $695
  • May bring team members to the conference – $895ea
  • Requirements

  • Applicants must be Morgan Stanley or Graystone Consulting Financial Advisors in good standing
  • Have attained one of the following mandatory titles or designations:
    Institutional Consulting Director (ICD)
    Corporate Client Group Director (CCG)
    Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF)
    Senior Investment Management Consultant (SIMC)
    Senior Institutional Consultant (SIC)
    Private Wealth Advisor (PWA)
    Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA)
    Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA)
    Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
    Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)
    Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
    Family Wealth Director (FWD)
    Certified Portfolio Manager (CPM)
  • Must agree to uphold the existing ethical requirements of the above designations.
  • Must be in the Top 2 Quintiles for Gross Revenue, and have >60% Recurring Revenue (as reported at time of application in My Practice). This requirement is waived for Graystone and NSP applicants.
  • Yearly Dues

  • Financial Advisor$450
  • Financial Advisor Under 40$350
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  • Team Membership

    Team memberships allow an FA to bring their entire team into APIC.
  • Benefits

  • Full Access to the APIC Website & Member Directory for all team members.
  • Invites to APIC Douggie Events for all team members
  • Invites to APIConnect Calls for all team members
  • Participation on APIC Topical Committees for all team members
  • Access to APICRadio for all team members
  • Reduced Conference Registration – $695 for all team members
  • Requirements

  • All team members must serve under the same practice name, but may be of any job function, i.e. CSA, FAA, FA, Partner, Etc.
  • The primary FA for a team membership must meet the eligibility requirements for a Financial Advisor Members.
  • Yearly Dues

  • Team Membership$900
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  • Non-Producing Firm Management

    In recognition of the generous support provided to APIC by Morgan Stanley, the organization offers complimentary memberships to non-producing Firm Management.
  • Benefits

  • Full Access to the APIC Website & Member Directory
  • Invites to APIConnect Calls
  • Requirements

  • Applicant may not be revenue-producing, i.e. may not directly service accounts.
  • Management attendees at the annual conference are charged $995 to attend to cover the cost . to the organization. Travel is additional.
  • Applicants are asked to participate in the APIC mmeber directory by providing subject matter expertise or proficiency, and making themselves available to current APIC members on those topics.
  • Yearly Dues

  • Firm ManagementComplimentary
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